Benefits of completing  The Fundamentals of Good Credit Course

The following rewards and benefits are available to those participating in and completing this program:

  • Receive your individual credit report and a complete explanation and understanding of it.
  • Develop a personal financial plan.
  • Improve financial management skills.
  • Acquire an understanding of the credit-evaluation process.
  • Understand banking in general and acquire an awareness of the special products that banks offer to accommodate lower-income or low-activity accounts.
  • Have an opportunity to develop a relationship with a banker who will appreciate the value of the course.
  • Feel less intimidated the next time you go to a bank.
  • Get information about area financial institutions that recognize the FOGC program and are interested in participating in graduates’ re-entry into the credit mainstream.
  • The completion of the FOGC course will satisfy the homebuyer education requirement for many area Down Payment Assistance Programs.
  • The completion of the FOGC course will satisfy the credit education requirement for Covenant Community Capital’s IDA Program.