Information for Your First Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Session

Once you have completed our Intake Packet and collected all of your supporting documents, contact us to schedule your first appointment. Please bring the following documents to your first appointment:

  1. Completed Intake Form [click here for the intake form]
  2. Any correspondence from the mortgage company or its attorney, even if it is unopened
  3.  Any documentation from the courts or the sheriff regarding a foreclosure
  4.  Monthly mortgage statement
  5.  Statements for homeowner association fees, condo fees
  6.  Your closing folder from the Title Company that includes copy of your mortgage/deed of trust, copy of your note, and HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  7.  Documentation and statements for recent loans secured by home (example: home improvement, pool loans)
  8.  Statement for any second or third liens owed
  9. Two (2) monthly pay stubs for all family members over 18 years of age
  10.  Statements, award letters for other forms of income (examples: social security, disability, pension, etc.)
  11.  Last Year’s Tax returns (all schedules) with W-2(s) and/or 1099(s)
  12.  If self employed, Profit and Loss Statement YTD
  13.  Two (2) months bank statements for all accounts (all pages)
  14.  A recent utility bill
  15.  Copies of statements for other loans owed (examples: car payments, students loans, etc.)
  16.  If recently declared bankruptcy or discharged bankruptcy, documents regarding filing or discharge
  17.  Current Driver’s License or other photo ID for all persons obligated on the mortgage
  18.  Detailed hardship letter (rough draft is OK): The purpose of writing a hardship letter is to explain to your lender your ‘unique’ situation. You provide a reason for the problem and a solution.

When you contact us, we will set up a time for the first appointment. This appointment will last an hour and a half. Please be sure to have all of the documentation mentioned above with you for that first appointment, and be sure to arrive on time. Many of our families are in the same position as you and the demand for our services is high. We often have appointments back to back. If you arrive late, you will only be able to meet with the counselor for the remaining amount of time.

If you have any questions during this entire process, please do not hesitate to contact us or email us at